Thursday, January 15, 2009

MiniGUI ...another samples "Hello World"

Only one file, or many file(s) with "include" directive.

If you make a big-project, i suggest you to create some little file(s).
It's make you to easy to maintenance your project.
(See test2.prg in download file )



MiniGUI 1st practice

After you install MiniGUI and Borland BCC compiler and restart computer,
go to c:\MiniGUI\samples\basic\browse_1 (for example)
then double-click compile.bat

for more practice go to another samples and double-click compile.bat

MiniGUI ...where can find it?


If you just want to practice, you can download at:


For full download and lastest version, you can download at:

File is called, where XX is the version number.

NOTE: The contents of this ZIP file cannot be extracted using WinZip.
You must use another ZIP extractor such as
WinRAR ( or
7Zip (

Extract or install (depending you download)
at default location C:\MiniGUI

Please read C:\MiniGUI\DOC\minigui.chm for first information.

Download the free Borland BCC compiler from:

Install at default location C:\BORLAND\BCC55

Add the [x]Harbour bin and Borland bin directory to your Windows search path:

For Win98/WinME users, edit/create Autoexec.bat and include the following lines:

For W2K/XP users, add/edit at Environment Variables PATH:

Edit/create C:\BORLAND\BCC55\Bin\bcc32.cfg and include the following lines:

Edit/create C:\BORLAND\BCC55\Bin\ilink32.cfg and include the following line:

Restart computer

What is MiniGUI

"...MiniGUI is a GUI library for Harbour and xHarbour compilers. The main purpose of MiniGUI is to give access to Windows API GUI elements in a easy way (hiding its inherent complexities)..."


What's [x]harbour?

"...xHarbour is a free (GPL + exception supporting Commercial applications) multi platform (DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux (32,64), Unix (32,64), OS/X) extended Clipper compiler, offering multiple GT (Graphic Terminals), including Console drivers, as well GUI's (free such as HWGui, MiniGUI and commercial, such as Visual xHarbour, FiveWin, Xailer, as well as Hybrid Console/GUIs, like GTWvt, and GTWvw.

xHarbour is 100% Clipper backward compatible, which supports many language syntax extensions, greatly extended Run-Time libraries like OLE, ODBC, MySQL, Postgress, TIpt, TXml, RegEx, HbZip, xbScript and extensive 3rd party support.

xHarbour is also available as a commercial distribution from Inc...."